Sunday, December 19, 2010

My first bloggins regarding my doggins.

I have a little doggins. Her name is Mollanuse, but she goes by Molly the Dog, or Diggity-Bowser. She's very precious, and after a year of bonding with her I realize that she is the best person in the world.
She has a fiery personality, and she enjoys chewing on things. She sometimes has a bad habit of biting people. My father does not want her to grow up and be that kind of dog, so he bans biting, and scolds her whenever she does so. I, however, think that biting is a wonderful part of her personality and so when she feels the need to bite, I simply put my hand within my sleeve and allow her to bite that. In biting that, she is not technically biting a person, merely biting a person's sleeve right?

Sometimes, whilst she is asleep, I marvel at her canine beauty. I think about what she would look like if she were human. I have done some sketches, and I would show them to you, but my blogging knowledge is not sufficient. I'm not quite sure how to post pictures. My blog's profile picture, however, currently is of Diggin's face and a corner of my cheek.

After knowing Molly the Dog for so long, I believe that she is much more intelligent than me or you. I think that dogs could be dominant in this world. I think that the reason they are not, though, is that when they try to make an intelligent comment, their ignorant owners simply give them a light slap on the nose to silence them. I think it's time this ignorance stops. I am currently writing a petition for doggy rights, and it will first appear on this very blog. So stay tuned fans, and be kind to your dog, for one day your dog may own you.